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​​Ryan Holsopple is a performer and designer of custom interactive hardware and software for theater, dance, and exhibitions. 

Recent interactive performance works include Annie Dorsen's Prometheus Firebringer at Theater for a New Audience, NYC, HEBEL by PALISSIMO Company, LA MAMA, NYC, and an untitled movement piece with Ginger Krebs at Elastic Arts' CLEAT Series, Chicago.

Recent interactive designs has been exhibited at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art (Chicago), The American Folk Art Museum (NYC), The New York School of Interior Design.

Ryan is the founder of 31 Down Radio Theater whose works have been featured at PS122, Bumbershoot (Seattle), The Bushwick Starr (Brooklyn, NY), The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Exit Art, Incubator Arts Project and the Wavefarm Residency Program. 31 Down's award winning Canal Street Station, an interactive murder mystery using public pay phones, was set in the New York City Subway system.

Ryan has collaborated with artists, theater makers,  film makers, and musicians including: Annie Dorsen, Bill Morrison, Mallory Catlett, Tom Fruin, Radiohole, Sarah Michelson, Jim Findlay, Pavel Zuštiak, PRISM Saxophone Quartet, Susan Marshall, Allard Van Hoorn, Lenore Malen, Lauren Bakst, Stephanie Acosta and more. Ryan performed and toured with Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater productions of Maria Del Bosco and Panic! (How to be Happy).

Ryan is the recipient of a Bessie Award for Outstanding Visual Design for Mallory Catlett’s This Was the End. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's Building Demand for the Arts Exploration Grant was awarded to Ryan in 2015.

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