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"31 Down's stunningly designed Here at Home [is a] pocket-size spectacle with charged and moody stage pictures that stubbornly resist cliché."
- Jason Zinoman,
New York Times


"jaw-dropping, sometimes heart-rending show."
- Roberta Smith,
New York Times

"Watching The Great Outdoors might be what it is like to listen to outer space at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Very Large Array, on a clear night in the New Mexico desert. While the cosmos whirls above us, the horizon tilts and the moon comes into greater and greater focus, we can hear what’s being said “out there” somewhere."


-Molly Grogan,


"...a haunting and strangely beautiful musical theater piece that is as simple in its emotional appeal as it is complex in its conception and execution."


Charles Isherwood,

New York Times

"nerve-jangling theatrical nightmare...uncomfortably titillating...wonderful performances"
-Jason Zinoman
New York Times

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